The Ecological Laundry Bag for the safe handling of infected and contaminated laundry.

Disinfected and Recyclable.


The Bio-Hazard Bag, made with recycled material, is designed for contaminated laundry and fully meets current hygiene standards. By disinfecting, the Bio-Hazard Bag ensures a safe workflow in daily handling of infectious laundry. After use, the bag is fed back into the recycling process.

The Bio-Hazard Bag is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Hospitals, Emergency Services, Medical/Dental Practices and Laboratories.

  • Fire Brigade, Police, Prisons, Aid Agencies and Refugee Centers.

  • Retirement/Nursing Homes, Sanatoriums, Spa Houses and other Social Institutions.

  • Hotel Industry, Gastronomy, Cleanroom and Food Production incl. Retail Markets.

  • Renovation of Old Buildings (asbestos) and Waste Management (Hazard Waste).

  • Public and Private Services with frequent high levels of visitors.


  1. The contaminated/infectious laundry is filled into the washing unit using the yellow laundry bag and the washing process starts as usual.

  2. During the washing process - regardless of the washing temperature - the laundry bag splits and opens, and the contaminated laundry is cleaned as desired.

  3. Following the washing cycle, separate the yellow bag from the clean laundry. The yellow bag is now disposed of in the red Bio-Hazard Bag. Process the clean laundry as usual.

  4. The filled red bag can now be fed into the recycling process.

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