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Sales & Acquisition

Either you sell your product to the customer

or the customer sells you his no


«We want...

... to make our sales force more efficient and increase Sales Excellence.»


PT Excellence supports us with:

  • Market analyses and market development strategies.

  • Development of new business fields and continuous acquisition models.

  • Development and implementation of sales, consulting and customer care processes.

  • Design and implementation of a sales-oriented corporate culture.

  • Definition, selection and monitoring of the central implementation actors.

  • Establishment, support and development of new high performers in the company.

  • Evaluation and implementation of customer- and service-oriented tools.

  • Training or assumption of sales management for the implementation of sales dynamics.


What we achieve:

  • Individual implementation strategy with real and validated customer and market data.

  • More appointments, sales talks and leads through high efficiency, effectiveness and frequency. 

  • A customer-, target- and result-oriented sales force with strong acquisition power and consistency.

  • No theories - DO it! Show off, prove and allow to look over the shoulder and learn from it.

  • Professional market development control and real-time reporting - Monitoring.

  • Goal achievement and result responsibility - status and results can be measured - any time.

  • Knowledge transfer from over three decades of reliable sales experience - proven.

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