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Strategy & Growth

Only those who accept change will grow


«With our company we want...

... to respond flexibly and quickly to the demands of the market in order to strengthen my own market position in the long term and generate sustainable competitive advantages.»


PT Excellence supports us with:

  • Strategy development and implementation.

  • Development of business and sales models.

  • Definition of offer, customer benefit and promise as well as market positioning.

  • Development and implementation of organizational models.

  • Implementation of change management, transformation and cultural development.

  • Identification, planning, management and control in crisis situations - Crisis Management.

  • Creation, monitoring, implementation and securing of company succession arrangements.

  • Initiation and execution of strategic cooperations and company acquisitions (M&A) and sales.

  • Ensuring the integration and cultural agreement following the merger.


What we achieve:

  • Increasing trust and acceptance in the company and on the market.

  • Successfully playing off the unique selling propositions and real differentiation from the competition.

  • Best strategic positioning in the company and on the market.

  • Increased motivation of my management and employees and higher productivity in the company.

  • Substantial and continuous increase in turnover, margins and profits.

  • Faster recognition of trends and risks as well as their effects on my company.

  • Smooth continuation of my company by family, management, employees or investors.

  • Reduction of risks and cost blocks.

  • Professional competence with regard to start-ups, reorientation and restructuring of companies.

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