Products & Solutions.

Health & Hygiene.

DIWA® - Healthy Drinking Water

EMV/EMC - Safe Solution against Electrosmog

Hand Disinfection - Info Kiosk Digital Signage

keimEX® - Germ-Free Interior

RENSAIR - Clean Air in Every Room (Mobile Air Purifier with Hospital Technology)


Public Space Design & Safety.

ibench® - The Smart Bench

Info Kiosk Digital Signage​- Hand Desinfection

masunt® - Contactless Key Handover

Smart Public Environment

Energy & Measurement.

iAeris® - Professional Air Quality Monitor (indoor/outdoor)

Smart Hybrid Energy

Smart Meter (Electricity, Gas, Water)

Waste Management & Disposal.

Smart Waste

Self-Sufficient Mobility.

Smart Mobility (Next Generation)

Big Data & IT-Platforms.

5G, IoT & Smart Data

Smart Payment & Loyalty


Smart Installation

Smart Service & Support

Closed-Loop Economy/Finance.

Product as a Service (PaaS)

Rent & Subscribtion