Versatile air purifier for every space

Patented technology: combines HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light to trap and destroy pathogens.

5 airflow speeds: quietly cleans up to 460m3 of air per hour.

WiFi connectivity: allows remote operation and smart usage.

Portable: net weight of just 10kg, easily carried by the handle.

Independently certified: proven by the DTI to remove 99.99% of smoke particles in a 20m3 room within 30 minutes.

Effective in removing a minimum of 99.97% of:


… and PM10, Bacteria, Fungi, Vehicle particulates, Allergens, Pet dander, Staphylococcus, Odours, and Soot.


The Compact portable air purifier is a versatile and very quiet device that’s ideal for smaller indoor spaces. It’s powerful and smart, with 5 airflow speeds, 460m3 per hour clean air delivery, and WiFi connectivity.

CHF 1'275 (incl. VAT & free delivery)

Smart management

Using the Tuya Smart app, Compact can be connected to and controlled via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

As part of a smart ecosystem, operation can be controlled at the touch of a remote button or via voice control. Multiple Compact devices can be programmed to automatically adjust the fan setting according to prevailing particle concentrations, switch to the maximum setting between scheduled meetings, or start/stop working based on location and time. This ensures the optimum clean air quality when and where needed, while conserving costly energy.

Real-time alerts can be set to manage maintenance schedules and to reset the filter monitor after replacement.

Product specifications​

  • Dimensions: H: 65 cm, Ø: 30 cm

  • Box Dimensions: 72,5 cm x 37 cm x 37 cm

  • Net Weight: 9,5 kg

  • Gross Weight: 11.3kg including box

  • Colours: White, Black or Metallic Grey

  • HEPA-Filter: EU 13 (EN 1822 Class H13)

  • UVC-Lamp: 18W, 254nm light

  • Sensors: PM2.5 sensor measuring µg/m3

  • Connectivity: WiFi/WLAN connectivity

  • Control: Tuya Smart App for Android and iOS

  • Power Cord: 3 m

  • CE Certified: (CH, EU & UK): 220-240V, v ~50 Hz, IEC C14 to C13



The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) tests resulted in 99.99% of smoke particles removed from a 20m3 room within 30 minutes.

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