Organization & Digitalization.

Get things done before things get you done.


«We want...

... our company to have an efficient and effective organizational and operational structure that decisively improves our profitability and liquidity.»


PT Excellence supports us with:

  • Development and implementation of customer- and service-oriented corporate organizations.

  • Holistic coordination of structure and process organization on the basis of business strategy.

  • Elaboration and implementation of structured process optimizations - Business Excellence.

  • Analysis and optimization of costs and quality.

  • Design and implementation of efficient and sustainable sales and marketing structures.

  • Optimization of human and technical resources to increase productivity and performance.

  • Strengthening the ability to change and agility of corporate organizations.


What we achieve:

  • Tailor-made company, sales and service organization with the highest focus on the core business and customer and market requirements.

  • Process-optimized digitalization and corresponding IT processes - End-2-End processes.

  • Measurable goal- and success-oriented realignment of the sales organization with focus on customer interfaces, multi-channel sales and/or services as well as digital graduation capability.

  • A resilient and scalable agile organizational form.

  • Complete elimination of hidden cost drivers and reduction of fixed cost blocks.

  • Successful and timely mastering of new internal and external challenges.

  • In-depth expertise in organizational design, restructuring and reorganization.