«We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do.»

Oliver Maas - Advisory Board Legal & Compliance

Thomas about Oliver:

«A few years ago, I got to know and appreciate Oliver as part of a banking project. I immediately noticed his open, serious and competent manner. From the beginning it was clear to me; he only talks about what he understands - he asks if he doesn't. Conversely, Olivers ability to address and reflect on the complex issues of Legal & Compliance in such a way that I am also able to understand them. His focus is always on the legally compliant and pragmatic implementation of a goal - he does not remain stuck in the description of the status quo and possible problems and obstacles that make the future «To Do's» more difficult. After studying law, Oliver began his career advising financial service providers with a view to their cost structure. He then spent about 20 years in the financial sector in various functions and was responsible for the results. For example, in Operations, as Head of the Legal Department of Trading and Sales, as well as Market Manager for Switzerland at international banks in the area of independent financial service providers. As part of the ever more increasing regulation of all sectors in Production, Distribution and Services, Oliver completed his education as a Compliance Officer in 2019. Since then, he has not only advised and supported the financial sector on financial market and regulatory issues - he also implements operational measures effectively and swiftly. His interest in different cultures and professions allows him to constantly rethink his own approaches. They are his constant motivation to find alternative solutions. It is important to Oliver to achieve his goals and to examine all options - without anyone or a legally compliant implementation falling by the wayside. With Oliver we have a highly competent expert and friend on our Advisory Board who supports and accompanies PT EXCELLENCE proactively on all current and future legal topics.»

Oliver is a Legal & Compliance Expert for safety in these industries:

(No names are listed out of discretion to our active clients.)

  • Banks & Financial Services

  • Financial Market Regulation

  • Financial Market Consulting

  • International Logistics & Distribution