«Whoever wants to, finds ways.
Whoever doesn't, finds reasons.»

Mustafa Yurtsever - Advisory Board International Strategies

Thomas about Mustafa:

«My first encounter with Mustafa within a customer project left an inspiring and lasting impression on me - a pragmatic and competent personality with international expertise and leadership skills in Medical Technology and a knowledgeable expert on Energy and the environment. Starting with a technical apprenticeship in a technology company in Eastern Switzerland, Mustafa's path led him to an internationally important company in Medical Technology, where he developed the company worldwide as a member of the Management Board with his skills as a technical developer, agile implementer and communicative motivator. His travel activities not only brought him experience, competence and success in the global establishment of subsidiaries and local companies - getting to know and exchanging ideas with countless cultures and other people and their lifestyles were also formative for his view of the world. Following this time, Mustafa took on new challenges in the world of Renewable Energies at one of the world's leading Electrical Engineering and Electronics Companies, where he started as a Site Manager and later moved to the position of CEO. His track record in Project Management, international Sales and Business Development is self-evident. Often described as a globetrotter, he still drives many and many things dynamically and with passion. Mustafa has dedicated his unstoppable creative energy to the topics of energy resources, the future and the environment of our children - these tasks bring him joy and young life energy. Whether as a Member of the Board of Directors or President of various companies, as a founding member of a German company that promotes the development and implementation of Renewable Energy Power Plants with a focus on Photovoltaic Systems, Biogas Plants and Hydroelectric Power Plants in Europe, or as an investor in PV Power Plants in Southeast Europe, as well as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Energy Producers (VESE) - Mustafa stimulates, explores, questions, moves and inspires. Drawing on his knowledge, personality and experience, he completes the Advisory Board of PT EXCELLENCE and complements all of us with acumen, a healthy temperament and a sure feeling for customers, people and change. With Mustafa on board, we ourselves are always learning about alternative solutions and ways - devoted to the devise: «Whoever wants to, finds ways - whoever doesn’t, finds reasons.»

In these industries Mustafa is an expert in change and strategies:

(No names are listed out of discretion to our active clients.)

  • Renewable Energies & Photovoltaics (PV)

  • Hybrid Energies & Power Plants

  • Electrical Engineering, Mechanics & Electronics

  • Medical Technology

  • Special Vehicle Construction & Mechanics

  • Transfer Management & Professional Personnel Services