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without Internet and electricity?

Yes, that is possible.


The masunt key safe is used for easy, secure key handover to employees or guests. The safe for handing over keys is very suitable for companies that want to hand over keys outside business hours. If, for example, you as the owner of a vacation apartment cannot be on site when the guests arrive, but at the same time do not want to hire a service provider, the key safe enables you to hand over the key to the vacation guests. The key safe is attached to the outside of the house. It can be opened by a numerical code. The special feature is that the key safe code can be generated online remotely via the Internet. So you can easily send the code for the key safe to your guests via e-mail or SMS. The application possibilities of the key safe are very diverse. In addition to guests, you can also use it to deposit a key for craftsmen or cleaning staff, for example. The original feature is that the masunt key safe does not require an Internet connection or power supply. For larger objects or multiple key delivery during the day, there is also the 4 key safe. Both versions are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as they are made of high quality stainless steel. For use in coastal regions, a key safe variant in V4A stainless steel is available. In addition to the 4-digit codes that are assigned directly on the device, each key safe also has the option of creating seven-digit online codes with limited validity. This allows convenient assignment to third parties at any time.


The key safe offers a high level of security. The sturdy, hard-wearing key safe helps you to store your keys safely and to hand them over to other people. With the 3 mm thick stainless steel wall as well as the 3-point locking system, the key safe is very robust. Among other things, the possible uses are aimed at handing over keys to employees and service providers and are very diverse. For example, you would like to make a vehicle used for business purposes accessible to employees outside office hours? The key safe is the ideal solution. Of course, the key safe can also be used very well in private areas for key storage as well as for key handover. The code assignment for the key safe can be done manually or online via the internet. The masunt key safe is suitable for indoor & outdoor use. The key safe is very weather resistant thanks to high quality V2A or V4A stainless steel. In coastal regions, you should choose the variant with V4A stainless steel because of increased salt content in the air. This way you will enjoy your masunt key safe for many years. With a clear conscience you can use the safe for key storage as well as for key transfer. The possibilities of using the safe are very diverse. For example, you can also use the safe to store smaller valuables or papers. There are also countless uses in the private sector that require intelligent storage and management of keys. For example, a key safe is particularly suitable for handing over keys to care services, craftsmen, fire departments, neighbors or simply for the secure storage of a spare key.


  • Owners and managers of vacation homes.

  • Hotels, resorts, spas, leisure facilities, gyms and libraries.

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, schools, and other social institutions.

  • Fire department key depot (FSD), protection technology and security companies.

  • Private individuals.



Effective, secure key management is often necessary, especially in the commercial sector; namely, where a large number of keys must be made accessible to different people or groups of people. For example, businesses and companies often use storage systems in the form of key safes to store and transfer keys between their employees. The use of key safes is also very popular with property managers and in the hotel industry, as the handover can take place at any time, even outside opening hours. However, there are many other areas of application that cannot do without a secure way to store keys in order to protect them from unauthorized access. Above all, the key safe is also an alternative that does not require complex and costly personnel.

Furthermore, the key safes are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Due to the 3 mm thick stainless steel wall, they are robust, resistant and protected against weather conditions. The stainless steel creates a solid, yet elegant look. Our key safes are available in two versions, the key safe 2120 E Code and the key safe 2140 E Code. The latter, due to the use of V4A stainless steel, is particularly suitable for use in areas with high salt content in the air or where increased protection against corrosion is required, for example in swimming pools or in the chemical industry. The electronics of the safes are also protected so that they are also designed for use in regions with extreme weather conditions, -40 to +60 degrees Celsius.


The online code function on E-code models is a simple and practical solution for generating access codes with limited validity and transmitting them quickly and easily to the desired authorized users. Especially for hotels, guesthouses and vacation home owners, this is a practical way to allow their guests access for the booked period. A key safe with online code is also very practical when a visit to a service provider is scheduled and there is no need to take time off work for this. But how does this online code generation work in practice?

The key safe or key vault that is to be controlled by online code must be registered once on the web portal. An identical algorithm on the safe and the web portal starts working and continuously generates 7-digit codes. This simultaneous process ensures that the generated code on web portal and safe is identical. If you need a new access code, simply take it from the web portal and set up a validity period. You can then choose to receive this generated code by e-mail or send it by SMS to the desired recipient. The key safe does not have to be connected to the Internet and does not require a power connection, so it can be set up flexibly at any location.


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