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No chance for germs

The wall covering for highest hygiene requirements

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A big step for better hygiene and safety.

keimEX® is a newly developed, highly effective wall covering which destroys multi-resistant germs and bacteria. It reduces the local germ and bacteria load by 64% - proven by independent clinical studies - and this without additional costs compared to conventional wall coverings.

The added hygienic safety prevents possible reservations and fears from arising among patients, residents, guests and their family members. Ultimately, this also has a positive effect on the good reputation of the health & social institution as well as the hotel business (e.g. hospital, old people's & nursing home, doctor's practice, daycare center and school, etc.), which is not only consolidated but also increased and gains the trust of clients and visitors.

Test in the laboratory - highly effective in germ reduction.

High level of effectiveness in germ reduction proven and confirmed by independent expert opinions (JIS Z 2801:2000):

  • CENTEXBEL Research Institute, BE-9052 Zwijnaarde

  • HOHENSTEIN Laboratories, D-74357 Boennigheim

  • UKGM University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, D-35043 Marburg

Practical test - high effectiveness in the patient's room.

At the Marburg site of the University Hospital Giessen-Marburg, a patient room of the heart surgery department was completely equipped with keimEX® for the first time. The germ load in this room is tested for 14 weeks and compared with that of a conventionally equipped patient room (glass fibre with latex coating).

In the room equipped with keimEX® a 64% lower local germ load was found. Quotation from the head of hospital hygiene Prof. Dr. Reinier Mutters: «The use of keimEX® reduces the contamination with pathogens very significantly, the safety of the patient is increased by protection against infection.».

keimEX® - a good feeling for patients and staff.

Unbeatable value for money.

Medical progress requires high investments in the equipment and furnishing of modern clinics, old people's homes, nursing and social facilities, medical practices, as well as hotels and wellness centres. On the other hand there are economic goals. Both must be brought into reasonable harmony.

keimEX® - highly effective, antimicrobially active and clinically tested - saves economic resources and is even more economical than conventional wall coverings.

  • Attractive basic price.

  • Efficient application.

  • Low maintenance costs.

By using keimEX®, you are sending signals and demonstrating genuine commitment to the safety of the patients, residents, guests and employees entrusted to you.

Wide range of design options.

The atmosphere of a room is decisively influenced by the design of the wall surfaces. Only those who feel comfortable and secure can recover, organise their everyday life or go about their work with a good feeling. This applies to anyone who are in contact with various areas of the health care system, social institutions or educational, recreational and leisure facilities.

During the development of keimEX® these requirements were specifically taken into account. 17 harmonious colours are available and can be supplemented by individual solutions, e.g. photo-digital printing, on request. Provided with a pleasant haptic, they convey a calm basic mood and enable the designer a wide range of possible applications.

keimEX® can be combined with all standard equipment elements and fits evenly into existing and new, modern furnishing concepts.

Easy to apply.

The wall covering keimEX® can be applied quickly and efficiently. In the past, wallpapering, complex bonding and then painting was necessary. Today, with keimEX® two work steps are saved.

  • Antimicrobially active - also against MRSA, MRGN, VRE.

  • Easily and safely wipeable.

  • Skin-friendly and safe for use around food-areas.

  • Long-lasting and robust - guaranteed to be effective for at least 7 years.

  • Flame retardant.

  • Washable.

  • Best quality - Made in Germany.


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