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Local and fresh production

Your own garden in your own kitchen


Evereything from your source

„I believe that innovation can improve the world. If this is done in harmony with nature, there is a future for us.“

One of the guiding principles of „greeny+ Technology“ CEO and inventor Uli Schwartau, and trend-setting for the emerging developments around greeny+ Technology. So it is not surprising that the first product of greeny+ Technology is a plant growth system that revolutionizes the „Made@Home“ market. Instead of having your own garden, a lot of time and expertise, all you need in the future is your own greenyGARDEN in your home or on your balcony. With it, you can grow and produce freshly harvested, vitamin-rich vegetables and aromatic herbs in no time at all, without depending on grocery stores and supply chains.

At the same time, it saves 60 m3 of arable land and up to 95% of water. The use of pesticides, long storage periods and the throwing away of too many purchased vegetables are also a thing of the past.

And that's not all that makes the greenyGARDEN a future-oriented and sustainable home garden: From seed to finished plant, everything is grown in a globally unique grow drawer. When the seedling is large enough, it grows in the greenyGARDEN's cascade system up to six times (6 x) as fast as in conventional cultivation, to a plant ready for harvest. Filtered and treated water becomes pure spring water with hexagonal structures. It ensures that cell-compatible and healthy vegetables can grow in greenyGARDEN in true BIO quality. In addition, the plants are supported in the best possible way by sophisticated electronics and a natural growth frequency during all ripening phases.

Local and environmentally friendly production

The production of the greenyGARDEN is also unique in the world. So-called neighborhood manufactories produce the greenyGARDEN throughout Switzerland with the help of 3D printers. The focus here is on decentralized and local production without „made in somewhere“. Here, too, everything is to come from your source, hence: production „Made@Home“.

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We have only one world - Social, environmentally friendly and innovative

In order to not only produce sustainably, but to make the complete product environmentally friendly, we offer the possibility for the customer to pick up his greenyGARDEN directly from a licensed production partner (neighbor). Transport routes and packaging material are saved. The material from which the greenyGARDEN is printed is so-called PLA. Produced on the basis of lactic acid proteins - without chemical pollutants, but biodegradable and compostable.

Thus it is and becomes part of nature again.

We believe that from time to time there are always ideas that have the power to change the world in a sustainable and positive way. Do you?

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