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Sauberes und gesundes
Trinkwasser aus dem Wasserhahn

Fördert Ihre Gesundheit und schützt unsere Umwelt


The Under-Sink Water Filter frees* your drinking water at

  • 100,00% from Legionella.

  • 40,00% from Lime.

           (partial decalcification - because our body needs lime = calcium & magnesium).

  • 99,80% from Microbiological Germs.

  • 99,72% from Lead.

  • 99,64% from Nickel.

  • 99,56% from Mercury.

  • 99,44% from Chromium.

  • 99,40% from Iron.

  • 99,28% from Cadmium.

  • 99,28% from Copper.

  • 99,24% from Arsenic.

  • 99,16% from Manganese.

  • 99,00% from Nitrate/Nitrite.

*These data refer to the examination results of the University Medical Faculty Goettingen. The food safety of DIWA® products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.

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Advantages at a glance.

  • Better and less expensive than mineral water - less than 3 cts./liter.

  • Most modern microfiltration with Double Membrane Technology.

  • High flow rates even at low water pressure.

  • Long service life, up to 13,000 liters depending on water quality.

  • Patented, safe, simple and effective technology.

  • Automated delivery of exchangeable cartridges.

  • Easy Cartridge replacement.

  • European production - CE approved and certified.

  • No delivery, transport and storage of water bottles - protects the environment.

  • Return of used filter cartridges.

  • Protection of kitchen equipment and vending machines (Part. decalc.)

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