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Management & Employees

The Core Competence of Leadership is Character


«In our company we want...

... to increase the management and employees and their willingness to perform and change in order to constantly support our growth targets.»


PT Excellence supports us with:

  • Development and establishment of management structures, processes and tools.

  • Empowerment in leadership, sales and communication - Leadership Excellence.

  • Talent, performance and employee retention management.

  • Promotion of the executives willingness to change and self-competence of employees.

  • Mentoring/training, support and accompaniment of executives and employees.

  • Performance improvement through analysis of the management team and the employee base.

  • Definition and selection of central implementation actors - High-Performance Teams.

  • Proactive participation in administrative, financial and personnel management.


What we achieve:

  • The right people on the right functions and positions.

  • Qualified executives, managers and specialists with an entrepreneurial attitude.

  • Increased motivation and identification of the actors in the company - Higher productivity.

  • Targeted improvement of logical and psychological weaknesses.

  • Future- and customer-oriented corporate culture with a high willingness to change.

  • Accelerated implementation of new projects - agile, flexible, fast, target- & result-oriented.

  • Lower fluctuation values and high reputation on the labour market.

  • Agile and successful mastering of future internal and external challenges.

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