Digital Kiosk for Disinfection.

Technologies made for turbulent times and a safe future.

Hand Disinfection and Digital Signage.

Hand sanitizer stations installed anywhere in a facility to protect employees, customers and guests are no longer just a courtesy, but important and contemporary tools that contribute to the safety and health of all people. They are often static devices that disinfect hands but offer no other benefits - a missed opportunity to pass on valuable and important information.

2 in 1 Solution.

With the digital disinfectant dispenser, you communicate with your target group in a timely manner while protecting the health of your customers, guests, visitors and partners. The perfect combination of benefit and safety.

The fully automated and battery operated disinfectant dispenser Kiosk, including motion sensors, is the elegant solution to protect yourself, your target group and their family from viruses and bacteria when entering your company and at the same time inform them about your products, services or news.

Suitable for every industry - small, medium or large companies, retail trade, gastronomy, hotel industry, educational institutions, museums, leisure time, sport & fitness, medical practices, hospitals, retirement, nursing and other social institutions, administrations, educational and public meeting places, and so on.

Good to know: Individual solutions and other applications possible. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can discuss your requirements and suggest the most suitable solution.

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