«Reproducible and celebrated successes replace lengthy and expensive processes.»

Bruno Schoellkopf - Advisory Board Strategy & Leadership


Thomas about Bruno:

«More than ten years ago I met Bruno at a customer event. I was quickly convinced of his charismatic personality, his technical expertise and his «down to earth» way of working. His direct, genuine, motivating and goal-oriented communication with people in the most diverse positions is inimitable - his success stories are self-evident. After completing his studies in electrical engineering and trade, Bruno began his professional career in sales. The next positions led him from Product Management to leading positions in Sales for international companies to the General Manager of a US High-Tech Company in Switzerland. Since 1995, Bruno has been an independent Grasper, Coach, Trainer and Enabler. At the same time, Bruno is a Member of various Executive Boards and leads in this way companies and people to sustainable success - including as President of an Industrial Association. He focuses on the joy of inspiring people. This is one of the reasons why Bruno educated as a Reiss Profil Master in 2005. «Work does not take place without life - and vice versa! Private, health and social aspects influence business». As an integral Business Coach trained at the Berlin Coaching Center, these factors are more important to him and flow into his daily work. His innate curiosity helps him to understand the complexity of people, teams, organizations and digital technology anew. «Experiences are answers to yesterday's questions». Bruno goes through life as a hardcore optimist. He trusts people and that healthy growth can be achieved with existing employee potential - his biggest enemy is the timid handling of change. Whether as a family man or in his daily work - for Bruno the principle always applies: «Mutual trust and appreciation is the foundation of everything.». Always on the lookout for simple but promising solutions, he is only happy when people have achieved their goals. With Bruno on the Advisory Board of PT EXCELLENCE, we are challenged and supported by a visionary and strong sparring partner from whom we and our customers can win - personally and entrepreneurially.»

Bruno is an expert for success in these industries:

(No names are listed out of discretion to our active clients.)

  • Automotive

  • Banks & Financial Service Providers

  • Direct Marketing

  • Power Industry

  • Medical Technology

  • Telecommunications & IoT/IoE

  • Tourism

  • Consumer Electronics, Multimedia & SmartHome

  • Business, Professional & Industry Associations